About Cathie

Cathie is a writer and artist, a wife and mother, a gifted teacher and devoted friend. She’s happily married to Mike (40 years!) and calls Lion & Lamb Church in Topeka, Kansas, her spiritual home. You can visit Mike’s blog at AppliedHeart.com.

The Story of George series

Cathie has authored two children’s books in a series called The Story of George, available for purchase on Amazon.com. Book 1 follows the unlikely friendship between an acorn sprout, named George—who knows he’s small—and an ant, named Atlas— who thinks he’s big, and the adventure that grows them both in ways that save their lives. Book 2 finds George, now an oak tree, helping Tumble Squirrel face his fears. Book 3 is coming soon!

Book 1, available here
Book 2, available here
Book 3 coming soon!

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