My Ransom

“Truly no one can ransom another, or give to God the price of  their life,
for the ransom of their life is costly and can never suffice, that one should live on forever and never see the pit.”

Psalm 49:7-9

Dear Ransom for our Life, 
What can be paid to redeem one soul? What is the cost of even one lie? We are taken hostage by guilt and hide from the lives we long to live! Who can pay but a Perfect One.

Thank you for not waiting for us to figure out that guilt should lead us to our need. And need to wanting a Savior, and wanting to being found. Now we can see our failures as the very things You saved us from! No longer is there guilt, taking us down, but the Greater Love that covered all down to the last lie. And this IS love! Guilt’s chains are broken. Conviction replaced Condemnation. Let every moment we live be LIVED! This our heart felt gift to You! We trust You enough to obey You. 

In Jesus Name Forever 

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