When Death Stood Still

“Jesus went to a town called Nain, and His disciples and a large crowd went along with Him. As He approached the town gate, a dead person was being carried out—the only son of his mother, and she was a widow…When the Lord saw her, His heart went out to her and He said, ‘Don’t cry.’ 

Then He went up and touched the bier they were carrying him on, and the bearers stood still. He said, ‘Young man, I say to you, get up!’ The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother. 

They were all filled with awe and praised God. ‘A great prophet has appeared among us,’ they said. ‘God has come to help His people.’ 

This news about Jesus spread throughout Judea and the surrounding country.” Luke 7:11-17 (NIV)

Dear Death-Defying Savior, Lord Jesus,

We offer to You our overwhelmed mind and emotions that have no adequate words to take in the enormity of this passage.  We stop, stunned in awe! Who is this that raises the dead to life? We, who now “sit up,” talk! We speak and love to say, rush to say, LIVE to say, You are the One and Only God, Messiah, Savior, and First Born from the Dead! You are God! We worship You!

You poured compassion on this widow, as you knew Your Own earthly mother would soon experience this same grief. And she too, would receive back her Son, the Living Son of God, from the Dead. She too, would embrace You and be embraced by You, as would so many others. You turned their grief into unspeakable joy. Selah!

We, who were dead spiritually in our sins, and as good as in the ground, were raised with You. Your death was counted as our death for sin, and to sin. Your resurrection from the grave is soon to be ours as well. You made death Your servant and commanded it to stand still! Oh, Jesus, we cannot wait until we can embrace one another! Hallelujah Forever! Come, Lord Jesus! Come!

In Jesus Name Forever

Photo Credit: Waldermar Brandt; https://unsplash.com/photos/jeTlob-Wv0M

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