My Person

“When I am afraid, I will trust in You.” Psalm 56:3 (CSB)

Dear Jesus, 

When I am anxious, You are my Peace. 

When I am scared, You are my Lion-heart. 

When I am accused, You are my Defense. 

When I am little, You are my Big. 

When I am fainthearted, You are my Confidence. 

When I am defeated, You are my Triumph. 

When I am discouraged, You are my Hope. 

When I am cowardly, You are my Courage. 

When I am outraged, You are my Sanity. 

When I am wrong, You are my Right. 

When I am destructive, You are the Mender. 

When I am walled-in, You are my Escape. 

When I am speechless, You are my Words. 

When I am alone, You are my Companion. 

When I am perplexed, You are my Clarity. 

When I am rejected, You are my Consolation. 

When I am shackled, You are my Freedom. 

When  life is one big question, You are the Answer, the Solution, the Savior, the Conclusion! 

My life is bound up in You, Jesus, my Love, that will Never Fail. 

In Jesus Name Forever

3 thoughts on “My Person

  1. Janelle Moses

    Thank you. Please pray for my dad who is dying at stormont. Not virus so we are able to be with him.

    Sent from my iPhone



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