Unalterable Love

“A friend loves all the time and a brother is there for times of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17 (NIV)

“I call you Friends,’ Jesus said.” John 15:14 (NIV)

Dear Friend and Brother, 

We pause here and let that sink into our mind and soul. For what is a friend but one who is strongly attached to another by choice in the bonds of affectionate love. Life’s adventures strengthen this bond. Fiery trials only fuse it together more securely. Times that try us only secure the grip we have on one another. 

We are grafted in as branches into You, our Vine. We are woven into the singular tapestry of life with You, by warp and woof. We cannot be separated as we have a new beginning in the One Who has no end. Each heart beat serves to remind us that You sustain our life. Each breath tells us You ultimately desire life to thrive in us. 

What can we do for You dearest Friend: walk with You as in a garden; walk as on the Road to Emmaus; take Your cup of Salvation and drink deeply. You are Friend and Brother, Comforter and Rescuer. Here with You all happiness is found— we are complete. We have the One we always needed and now desire more each passing day. Dear Friend, True Friend, My Friend, My Lord and My God. 

In Jesus Name Forever

Photo credit: Chang Duong, https://unsplash.com/@iamchang

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