Not a Politician


This is You, declared to a desperately fallen world. You are the God Who campaigns in the Light, making Promises You intend to keep!  You only speak truth. You do not change, nor are You fickle. You don’t put Your finger in the wind to make decisions. You are not situational or politically motivated, changing headlines to cover your tracks. Never! You declare Who You are in many ways: with billboards in the sky; Your Word translated into our languages, Your Spirit convicting the world; Your past promises kept and giving us hope for the ones to come. You are not about hiding and cover-ups but exposing all things in Your Light.

All You promise, You do! You are not just an empty suit but an all-encompassing, all-consuming God! You do not hide from questions or from Your deeds, past or present. You are a God of full disclosure! You are Who You say You are! You spotlight the path to Yourself. You fling wide the portals of Your heart and throne room, giving us full privilege day, or night. No appointments are necessary! You send out heralds, into the uttermost parts of the earth, to bring Your plan of Salvation! You shout from the mountain tops and across the plains. There is nowhere that You can’t be found, accessed, or possessed! No one can thwart You or take You by surprise!

You never change Your mind about Your commitment to us. You wrote it in Your own precious blood. Never, will You buy our vote. You are offering Yourself and eternal life with You forever. That is a promise that no one, no one, on earth can make! You don’t need to say, “God bless, America!” You are the Blessing! Please, bless us again and revive us, forgive us, restore sanity to us! Let Your Truth stand in our city streets once again for the sake of those who love You. And not only here, but to everyone, in any nation, who call out Your Name!

Such a God, such an offer, deserves our all. Help us to stop changing our minds based on knee-jerk emotional reactions to life. Help us not to be caught up in our sensibilities and be easily deceived and lead astray. Let us rule our emotions by Your Spirit and bend them to Your truth, making them a blessing and not a curse. Make us bold to call all things according to Your truth! You have knit our hearts to Your own at our re-birth. There we are ever by Your side. Your Banner over us is Love. (Song of Songs 2:4) King Jesus, come and rule in the righteousness we so need and want. The world is weary from politicians. Please, come soon. 

In Jesus Name, Forever

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