Where You Were

Dear Lord Jesus,

Many are the times we have pleaded with You to take away a circumstance from our life, only to find You didn’t. We fail, at times, to understand, and think You haven’t heard, or worse, You heard and are unmoved. Others emphasize the fear and taunt that maybe You don’t exist, or You don’t have the power to save us after all. They asked, “Where is Your God when you need Him?” Suffering feels so isolating, but You would know that. You hung on a cross, entirely alone, to suffer the judgement of our deeds, that You chose to make Your own. This mind-blowing, mind-altering act of selfless Love, destroys all arguments against You! We contemplate the salvation You gave to us and gasp! Accusations, thrown in our faces, fall to the ground and disintegrate! We know to what great lengths You went and what You suffered to ransom us.

Let our being fully comprehend such wonder as this. Let us live in the sufficiency of this extraordinary grace poured out on us. Teach us to look to You, in the midst of our anxious thoughts. Let us remember that the suffering we see all around us, is why You came in the first place. You haven’t abandoned Your mission. You are working in all the things that look broken and feel so wrong. Help us choose to trust! Let our trust turn into love for You, the Savior, Who was there when we needed You the most – at the cross! We know where You were, so that we now know where You are! You are here, and Your power rests on us, in us and through us. We don’t need permission from the world to have certainty. We have You, right here, in it all with us! And we don’t feel so weak, after all.

In Jesus Name Forever

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