Come to the Light

Dear Night Light,

We don’t often think about the lights we casually turn on and off, with a flick of a switch. But we live for them. It is an all-out emergency when power goes down from a freak-storm, or a poor squirrel that has fallen into the transformer down the street. As this year winds steadily towards the shortest day of the year, we are obsessed with the lights. We decorate our homes with lights. We attend light festivals and candle-lit services. We are delighted by lights that can clap on and off! Voila! It’s magical. We build fires and are captivated, drawn like moths to the warming light. Beautiful!

You are the True Light of all lights. You bring Light to the recesses of our inner-most being—

Light that overcomes our darkest fears. So Beautiful. Because of Your Light, we see, even in the darkness of a fallen world. More beautiful! As we reflect on Your Incarnation, Your humble entrance into our dark, cold world, let Light flood every room of our minds. Open wide our prison doors! “Fling wide the portals of our hearts to let in the King of Glory!” May we be transformed and transfixed by the Light of the World, the Word and the Keeper of Our Souls. Clap on the Light of Life and help us stay fixed, like a star, in the circle of Your ever-radiating Light. It is there, with You, Jesus, we see the very Heart of our Saving God. Most Beautiful!

In Jesus Name Forever

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