Thems Fighting’ Words

Dear Conquering Hero,

We truly believe in Your finished work of Salvation on our behalf. We conclude with Paul, that it is You, and only You, Who set us free from this body of sin and death! So, why this taste of defeat? Why are we breathing the stale, re-circulated air of the old self? How are we still being regularly deceived and pulled down into the very things we determined not to re-live any longer?

Could it be our emotional attachments to the old, so encouraged in our touchy-feely-world? Are we nostalgic and emotionally obligated to rehash the long list of misunderstandings, offenses, and ways life hasn’t been fair? Do we seek to try and fix them and others, so we can “feel free” to go forward in life with You? Are we tied by some invisible apron string to the false promises of comfort to come and resolution of issues, that were never part of the life we were once thrilled to leave behind? Are we still trying to fulfill a “marriage” contract to the old self that You mercifully ended with our death on the cross with Christ? (I think I have been caught off guard, time and again, trying to assuage the emotions of my deadly enemy within, who cannot be assuaged. But “she” feels so bad.) Surely, if the old could be fixed, You would have fixed it. But no, You put an end to the tyrant! We no longer must stand here taking our emotional cues and beatings from the one dead to us! This should never be! And won’t be, thanks to God – through Jesus Christ our Lord! 

Let us be as done with this emotionally sick self as You are. It is perfectly righteous to walk away from the list of endless grievances, and blackmail, and move into life! Halleluiah! We don’t work that shift anymore. Best of all, Your truths give us emotions that are friends and not fiends! May we live in sanctified emotions every day. Things don’t have to “feel” true to be true. We live by faith!

In Jesus Name Forever

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3 thoughts on “Thems Fighting’ Words

    1. Cathie Halpin

      Indeed! Thank you Jesus! Victory over the old self daily is a bit of heaven on earth. One day, forever 

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