Holiday Weight Gain

“Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causes us to give thanks to God.” 2 Corinthians 9:11

Dear Gracious Father,

Thank you for this time we set apart to be thankful for all we have received from You. There are the general graces of seasons, nature, our senses, music, giving and receiving love, and the delight of creating. These are just a few of Your endless blessings. We have also received gifts of inestimable value: Your Son, complete forgiveness, and eternal life for a start! Just the start!

Many question why hard things happen in life, but they don’t often stop and ask why You have bestowed so much good on them. Let us not be numbered among them. We have proof that we can trust You when we aren’t feeling particularly blessed. We can look to the cross, where You took our heavy weight of sin that was truly “clogging our arteries.” We can enjoy the “taste-and-see-free calories” of grace. We can choose to gain the weight of packing on the pounds of contentment! We can enjoy the sweetness of Your fellowship without measure! These hearts are flowing freely with grateful joy! You have loaded us down with blessings pressed down, shaken and overflowing!

 Lord, this Thanksgiving, may we be Pilgrims too, gaining the weight of a grateful heart. Let us serve up Your kind of feast— the feast of gratitude that always tastes delightful. What savory “leftovers” we will have to share and enjoy for many days! That’s what Pilgrims do. They give heaping helpings of worry-free thanks. Preheat the oven!

In Jesus Name Forever

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