Moving Day

Dear Good God,

You created the universe. You separated the dark from the light, calling them day and night. And it was good. When everything was perfect You created two people to live the days of their life in the beautiful world You gave. But they chose to create a different kind of darkness that was not good. It brought the darkness of death to themselves and every living being thereafter. With eyes we thought were wide open, we became blind to the Giver of All Life. We lost everything good when we lost You. Trapped in the darkness of our own making, we kept trying to find some glimmer of light. There was none. We could create ever-increasing darkness, but we could not create one particle of the kind of light our soul was dying to have. We had separated ourselves completely from You. We couldn’t escape the darkness because we were the darkness. It was so cold, so lonely, so hopeless. We were powerless to do anything else. We were immovable, stagnant, barren mountains, devoid of life. We were powerless to change our lot or position. After all, who could move a mountain?

But, as You would have it, that is only where You found us. Your Light dawned and we were drawn out of the dark womb of self into Your Life-giving Light. You made the darkness merely a time of day. You are our Eternal Dayspring, our New Beginning! Help us choose to live there, where You are. Your Spirit in us is the only power strong enough to resist the emotional pull of the black hole of self that keeps trying to suck our life. Help us to not grow weary of resisting and by faith in the Son of God, walk in the Light as You are in the Light, and are the Light. Thank you for this gift of faith to believe Your words of Eternal Life. Jesus, You Save! Thank you for giving us continuing faith to live our days in this fallen, dark world. Thank you that faith in You, even as small as a mustard seed, can move a mountain of darkness. Oh, God, my Savior, that immovable mountain that You moved was me. 

In Jesus Name Forever

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