Taught to Pray

Our Father, 

Who reigns from heaven, You created us, chose us, ransomed us, birthed us, and adopted us through the power of Your Spirit. You placed Your “DNA” within us giving us the right and privilege to call You, Dad. 

Holy and Unique are all Your Names that proclaim and attempt to explain to us Who You are! There is no one like You Who could emulate even one. We need the many to try and capture Your Essence, the One Who has called us by name. 

 Even if the whole earth spurns You today, may Your King and Kingdom be seen in us, as we honor You choice by choice this day.

We trust You for all we need today, as well as the needs we see around us. We trust You for all we cannot see. We believe Your Person, Word and Promises are sufficient. We commit all things to Your unfailing, faithful Love. We hold fast the hand that feeds us. 

Thank you for forgiveness, that precious gift we freely received at Another’s expense. Let us be like You and extend it to others, the same way You extended it to us, from the cross. 

Lead us! Shepherd us and keep us from the stranger’s way. Give us the wisdom and courage to reject all lies, temptations and fears, both those that come from within us and those from without. We put away every thought that raises itself against the Name of Jesus. Lead us in the Way Everlasting; the very path You chose us for.

For You are King of kings. All Power and Authority belong to You! Yours is the Glory! Be Glorified today in these our lives, as Your Children and Your Church! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

In Jesus Name Forever

71 days until Spring!

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